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Day 2 – kombucha

So its day 2 and I had to call off the job i had this week just because i didnt feel good enough still and i didnt want to get the client sick. So I’ve been reading about kombucha and a couple of youtubers i watch Justin Rhodes and  on weed em and reap. Justin rhodes drinks it and on weed em and reap they were making and they had said they made it taste like rootbeer!  I found some in the store that was rootbeer flavor.. it was delicious! And i started feeling better so I was sold! I researched that there is kombucha which is made from fermented black tea sweetened with sugar and there is jun which is fermented green tea and sweetened with honey. I then looked up how to make a scobie since i dont know anyone that makes kombucha personally and i dont want to possibly can a corn contaminated one from oline. So i made my loose leaf black tea concentrate with half a cup of safe sugar and got the original kombucha by gt and put a bottle and a half of that as a culture and so now im gonna wait a week and then take a picture of the jar to show you guys the formation of the scobie! And then ill make an actual batch of kombucha!

Day 1 – ponds and fish


Sunday febuary 4th I was given a pond mold and fairy fountains. the next day I found a spot where it wouldn’t be flooded out by the flood irrigation we get here in Glendale, Arizona. I dug the hole and got he mold it there snugly and filled it so it would weigh it down as i packed all the dirt around it to create the berm there. then it was on to the Fairy fountains. I had a fountain pump I bought at harbor frieghts on sale. After reading the instructions I installed the pump and hooked it up to the first fountain that had 2 fairies but they ended up not working so I got the bigger fairy fountain and hooked that one up and it started working right away. (yay!) But now i’m sick again so the project is currently on hold!!

For those who don’t know what flood irrigation is here is a link


So since i was to sink to work on the pond project for now I switched to what fish I was considering putting in the pond and if I planned to use the water for aquaponics ( I’m still unsure) but I did want to at least get some fish in there so I went to petsmart and got 16 feeder gold fish that has long whispy tails and fins, with black orange and white color variations, but it didn’t feel like there was enough in there so I went to a different petsmart with my fiancee Alexx and got 3 plecostomus fish – 1 dollar each, 2 algae eaters – also 1 dollar each, 5 ghost shrimp – .39 cents each. and we got a small koi around 5 dollars so we got a pretty good variety of fish and let them go into the pond. so far they are doing great in there.

here is what the pond looks like currently. catch you guys tomorrow!


Happenings – Baby bunnies!

So its been really busy around my house lately and i havent really felt good, but on January 27th we had some unexpected baby bunnies born! The night they were born

January 30th

Febuary 3rd this is my most current picture but theyve grown so much in such a little time!

I also made ketchup!

i made this by stewing tomatoes, using apple cider vinegar, and using a safe raw sugar, and organic spices and it tastes great!

But I’ve been challenged to blog everyday for 30 days so this is going to be day 1! I hope I can make it!
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My corn alergy story.

My first memory of any hint of corn allergy was after i had been forced to get some sort of shot in my ankle at my dads house, I dont remember how old I was but the next morning they had me eat the cereal I always ate there that was basicly pure corn, and I remember it making my stomach feel like i had swallowed nails, I told my dad and he told me that it was normal for foods to make my stomach hurt and to just ignore it.. well I wish I hadn’t because up until last year because I thought it was “Normal” I was still eating corn and having problems with anemia, worse asthma, Geographic Tongue , hormone, weight, and fatigue issues, I also have a gene mutation mthfr C677T, but then one day last year my mom was really wanting my to eat something but at that point eating anything hurt like I was eating lava laced with razor blades, but I ate something anyways but it ended up hurting a little more then usual and she asked what was wrong and i told her it hurt to eat and that it always hurts to eat, she told me that isnt normal and that if food makes my stomach hurt find food that doesnt make my stomach hurt, i had already eliminated so many other foods that i started doing more research on ingredients in the things I was eating, what I was having the worst reactions to and I had eaten popcorn and that was just bad, when it was popping i had an asthma attack, and then used my inhaler and that made my lungs hurt and made bumps form on the roof of my mouth, then I was stupid and ate some which then my Geographic tongue flared up but my tongue swelled and that was the odd reaction. When it got to my stomach it hurt right away so that was one of my first hints and so i started experimenting with corn in my food and finding foods without corn. Finding foods without corn has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because of all of the derivatives hiding in everything, i think some of the first things i had that was corn free was a cereal that was safe and 100% grass fed milk and for the first time it didnt hurt to eat. It was amazing so I started looking at labels but not taking it that seriously. Until i got sick with a flu that really knocked me down. Ive had to get rid of every bit of corn in my place and my fiancee even has to cut out corn because if he sweats and it touches me I’m allergic to his sweat or any other bodily fluid so he’s slowly cutting out more corn, I’m really thankful to have him, and all the other supportive people in my life such as my aunt Starlene, my Mom, and the Corn allergy groups on facebook. I’m very lucky to have figured out my allergy, and its going to be extremely hard at first but I think it will get easier soon.


Wednesday I started having a cough which i thought was nothing turned into a full blown flu and lung infection, i was in bed until yesterday and my lungs are still trying to recover from it all, the pollution makes it all so much harder.

I found out if someone else eats corn I’m allergic to they’re sweat and other bodily fruids and it makes me itchy if it gets on me, its frustrating, alexx plans on cutting out corn so im not allergic to him, but he already cut out a lot of corn anyways so there isnt much for him to cut out. I feel lucky to have found such an understanding guy that likes me enough to cut out something thats in everything.

January 8th – Growing pains, and future plans for privacy

So on January 4th a code enforcement lady came and told me I had to get rid of all of my chickens, and ducks because someone complained of a smell but I free range my chickens so there isn’t a concentration of poop in order to create a smell, even  so I re-homed all but 3 hens and a chick. one is laying its a leghorn “Emma” (white with red comb and waffle) the other 2 have until march to start laying and if they aren’t then i’ll figure it out then.

the whole experience has been a complete nightmare. the first day felt like I was dumped in the ocean and sank to the dark dark bottom where i could never be saved. day two: I took the ducks to a friends house and  I re-homed all but the ones i had except Emma, I re-homed her and didn’t realize how much she really meant to me, not just because she lays eggs with corn free feed but because she is just an awesome chicken, she eats out of my hand and comes right up to me when i’m sitting in the hammock outside, probably to get treats but she has made it so much easier its hard to imagine if she were still gone, she is the light in my darkness somehow and so i feel hopeful about the future because of this one chicken it’s truly amazing.

Day 3 and 4 have pretty much been cleaning up the back yard and making plans on how i’m going to make my backyard more private and how i’m going to grow all my own produce in my back yard so that I have more privacy from the city and my neighbors.

January 3rd – I saw a Hawk!

Today I saw a Hawk! I got home from work and was relaxing for a bit in my hammock in my backyard and it flew over 3 different times, what I found really interesting about it is the ducks and my leg horn chicken made a bunch of noise sounding the alarm and while they made all that noise all of the other chickens went and hid and when the ducks and the leg horn stopped they slowly came back out but I really love that the ducks and chickens look out for each other and try and keep each other safe.

I made my corn free shampoo using: coconut milk, castile soap, apple cider vinegar, 5 drops tea tree and 5 drops lavender. it’s ok it lathers nice and it fizzes a little like a bath bomb but next time I think i’ll use different essential oils ( I don’t really like tea tree and lavender) but it cleaned my hair and conditioned it and i’m pretty sure I can stop using my deep conditioner since it just makes my hair oily now.

well I’m exhausted tomorrow I’ve had a long day I’m mixing more of my chicken feed mix and i’m securing part of my yard getting ready for my garden, goodnight

january 2nd 2018

Today I woke up and really felt good it was a good day, and I got some cleaning and cooking done and I was looking at one of the other books i got yesterday which was this cheese book  and a lot of recipes call for citric acid which 90% of the time in processed foods is derived from corn but that made me think “what about that other 10%?” so I started searching and some citric acid is derived from Non-GMO cane or beet sugar and I found an amazing website that sells it and other cheese making supplies which you can get from  which by the way i found out is connected to the book! but soon I will be getting my supplies so I can make my safe corn free cheeses YAY! on a unrelated subject I lost track of time and I wasn’t able to make my shampoo but i will be doing that tomorrow morning, Goodnight whomever is possibly reading this.

January 1st 2018

January 1st 2018

Today I spent the day with my wonderful fiancee Alexx, we went to savers, and then Barnes n noble since it has been a long time since either of us have been, so I went and looked for a possible corn free recipe book and i thought i maybe “Jennifer’s Way Kitchen : Easy Allergen-Free, Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for a Delicious Life” would be a great place to start but after further reading discovered that it wasn’t truely corn free because it called to use Xanthum gum as an ingredient right off the bat, which is a corn derivative used as a thickening agent in ice cream, breads, lotions, soaps and more… it really frustrated me since in the allergen listing in the front of the book states that its corn free… (what a load of horse shit) so i put it back and went to a cookbook that caught my eye earlier and took a look for curiosity’s sake and was pleasantly surprised, the book is “Nourishing traditions”and where it doesn’t mention anything about being corn free but it gives just a huge fountain of information about the benefits of animal fats, proteins, and gives some great information about what inhibits vitamins, hormones and gives me some answers on how to get my needed amino acids, and vitamins that i can’t get in a pill or tablet due to corn or corn derivatives and made me feel a little less doomed.. but over all today was great to be able to spend time with Alexx and find such a wonderful book..what a great first day of the new year! cant wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.


Sneak peak: Tomorrow i’m going to attempt to make my own corn free shampoo.


Hello world of 2018 – Four goals for this new year

Hello world of 2018 – Four goals for this new year

Hello and welcome to this New year of 2018 full new goals made, achieved, and maybe failed. 

  1. Grow enough produce to feed my family, and myself to the point that we have such an over abundance and can share it with others.
  2. Figure out and find new corn free recipes.
  3. Raise awareness of this sort of allergy and/or tolerance and help others with the abrupt transition of going corn free. -It isn’t easy by any means!.
  4. Lose up to 120 pounds by the time of  2019.