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Strawberry jam w honey or sugar

Ingredient list:

2 pounds of strawberries

1 cup of sugar or 3/4 Cup honey

1 tablespoon + 1/2 a teaspoon lemon juice

Special tools needed:

candy thermometer


cut the heads off of the strawberries and then cut them in half, making sure while you do this that there isn’t any mold or bad spots on the strawberries. (I just cut off bad spots unless they were to big then I just threw them into the compost)

If your using sugar you’ll want to coat the strawberries with the sugar in a bowl and then into your pot.

If your using honey put your strawberries into the pot and pour it over the strawberries and give it a stir with a big spoon.

Put the stove onto medium heat, stirring it every so often. when it comes to a boil and the strawberries are soft you’ll want to add your lemon juice, it stabilizes the mix and helps with preserving the mix later for canning. Once your mix gets to 220 degrees on a the candy thermometer it’s done and your can put it in jar!. I boiled mine for at least 10 minutes prior in my canning pot. I put the mix into my jars while both the mix and the jars were still piping hot and gave 1/4 on an in of head space.

I calculated my cooking time off of

when down put them to the side on a towel where it isn’t to cold and leave them alone for at least 24 hours.

happy canning! 🙂

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert this is just my take on making jam and canning from what I’ve personally learned)

Day 9 – 5 cases of strawberries

So yesterday i went to a food distributor that has a program called everybody’s family fruit where the public can go in and buy from them at amazing prices, like 5 cases of 8 – 1 pound containers in each for 20 dollars! that’s 40 pounds for just 20 bucks! I also got 11 pounds of asparagus, 9 pounds of apples, 42 cucumbers and a 10 pound bag of red potatoes! it was a good stop 🙂 .

But with the 40 pounds of strawberries I shared with our mechanic and a few neighbors, the  rest I turned into jam (some with honey, some with sugar)(I’ll put a link tot he recipe a did down below) and now i have 11 pints of jam! the rest i’m freezing and some is being made up for kombucha and jun to go with raspberries and 100% pure just cranberry juice, and a smigg of honey or sugar to get the second ferment going for the carbonation but not having it go so long that the flavor it so sour and you can still smell the fruit. i’m doing that because its just more appealing to drink something fruity to me then something that smells so much of alcohol.

Strawberry jam

I’ll be posting pictures of the jams later today along with the tree, tomato, canal watering system, Hope everyone has a great morning and day, Later! 🙂