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Day 10 – recovery

Hi everyone, So Sunday evening I started having inflammation in my gut due to exposure to a few pieces of corn being in a food that has been safe in the past, and all of Monday I was stuck in bed due to pain and discomfort. I wish contamination of corn wasn’t something I had to worry about, I think I know how people with a peanut allergy feel now when someone lies about peanuts not being in something and having the anaphylaxis response where they can’t breathe except mine involved all of my organs and asthma attacks, I never knew that anaphylaxis could be any other reaction then the throat closing up until I started to be so severely allergic to corn. This allergy is horrible but it’s also taught me alot about allergies and how they can make people suffer. luckily i grow white pannies, have peppermint oil, and have my homemade kombucha to help me through the reaction this time and reduce my recovery time.. today as a result I’m feeling well enough to sit at my desk , and for that I am thankful. I hope everyone is doing well, have a good day! catch everyone tomorrow 🙂

Happenings – Baby bunnies!

So its been really busy around my house lately and i havent really felt good, but on January 27th we had some unexpected baby bunnies born! The night they were born

January 30th

Febuary 3rd this is my most current picture but theyve grown so much in such a little time!

I also made ketchup!

i made this by stewing tomatoes, using apple cider vinegar, and using a safe raw sugar, and organic spices and it tastes great!

But I’ve been challenged to blog everyday for 30 days so this is going to be day 1! I hope I can make it!
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