Day 1 – ponds and fish


Sunday febuary 4th I was given a pond mold and fairy fountains. the next day I found a spot where it wouldn’t be flooded out by the flood irrigation we get here in Glendale, Arizona. I dug the hole and got he mold it there snugly and filled it so it would weigh it down as i packed all the dirt around it to create the berm there. then it was on to the Fairy fountains. I had a fountain pump I bought at harbor frieghts on sale. After reading the instructions I installed the pump and hooked it up to the first fountain that had 2 fairies but they ended up not working so I got the bigger fairy fountain and hooked that one up and it started working right away. (yay!) But now i’m sick again so the project is currently on hold!!

For those who don’t know what flood irrigation is here is a link¬†


So since i was to sink to work on the pond project for now I switched to what fish I was considering putting in the pond and if I planned to use the water for aquaponics ( I’m still unsure) but I did want to at least get some fish in there so I went to petsmart and got 16 feeder gold fish that has long whispy tails and fins, with black orange and white color variations, but it didn’t feel like there was enough in there so I went to a different petsmart with my fiancee Alexx and got 3¬†plecostomus fish – 1 dollar each, 2 algae eaters – also 1 dollar each, 5 ghost shrimp – .39 cents each. and we got a small koi around 5 dollars so we got a pretty good variety of fish and let them go into the pond. so far they are doing great in there.

here is what the pond looks like currently. catch you guys tomorrow!


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