Day 2 – kombucha

So its day 2 and I had to call off the job i had this week just because i didnt feel good enough still and i didnt want to get the client sick. So I’ve been reading about kombucha and a couple of youtubers i watch Justin Rhodes and  on weed em and reap. Justin rhodes drinks it and on weed em and reap they were making and they had said they made it taste like rootbeer!  I found some in the store that was rootbeer flavor.. it was delicious! And i started feeling better so I was sold! I researched that there is kombucha which is made from fermented black tea sweetened with sugar and there is jun which is fermented green tea and sweetened with honey. I then looked up how to make a scobie since i dont know anyone that makes kombucha personally and i dont want to possibly can a corn contaminated one from oline. So i made my loose leaf black tea concentrate with half a cup of safe sugar and got the original kombucha by gt and put a bottle and a half of that as a culture and so now im gonna wait a week and then take a picture of the jar to show you guys the formation of the scobie! And then ill make an actual batch of kombucha!

9 thoughts on “Day 2 – kombucha

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