Day 7 – planting roses

So this last weekend Alexx and I were at lowe’s and there were a ton of bare root hybrid tea roses, we got two  Olympiad (red) and Peace (yellow & pink) variety’s for 4.50$ each they didn’t look amazing (they actually kinda looked half dead)  but after we got them home I put them in some water in the sun just to get them started and give them a chance to soak up the water and sun and I forgot about them 🙁 . your only supposed to soak them over night and i forgot them all the way until yesterday but it turned out they were just fine with it they have new leaves and the Olympiad had a blossom  on so I’m guessing they needed a good soaking 🙂

So I planted them by the mail boxes where they’ll get all day sun and hopefully we can get some beautiful roses! I mulches around the bottom of them with rabbit bedding  so they got some slow releasing food that wont burn them and the bedding will attract earth worms to enrich their soil 🙂 yay worms!

but I hope everyone is having a good day later!

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