January 1st 2018

January 1st 2018

Today I spent the day with my wonderful fiancee Alexx, we went to savers, and then Barnes n noble since it has been a long time since either of us have been, so I went and looked for a possible corn free recipe book and i thought i maybe “Jennifer’s Way Kitchen : Easy Allergen-Free, Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for a Delicious Life” would be a great place to start but after further reading discovered that it wasn’t truely corn free because it called to use Xanthum gum as an ingredient right off the bat, which is a corn derivative used as a thickening agent in ice cream, breads, lotions, soaps and more… it really frustrated me since in the allergen listing in the front of the book states that its corn free… (what a load of horse shit) so i put it back and went to a cookbook that caught my eye earlier and took a look for curiosity’s sake and was pleasantly surprised, the book is “Nourishing traditions”and where it doesn’t mention anything about being corn free but it gives just a huge fountain of information about the benefits of animal fats, proteins, and gives some great information about what inhibits vitamins, hormones and gives me some answers on how to get my needed amino acids, and vitamins that i can’t get in a pill or tablet due to corn or corn derivatives and made me feel a little less doomed.. but over all today was great to be able to spend time with Alexx and find such a wonderful book..what a great first day of the new year! cant wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.


Sneak peak: Tomorrow i’m going to attempt to make my own corn free shampoo.


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