January 3rd – I saw a Hawk!

Today I saw a Hawk! I got home from work and was relaxing for a bit in my hammock in my backyard and it flew over 3 different times, what I found really interesting about it is the ducks and my leg horn chicken made a bunch of noise sounding the alarm and while they made all that noise all of the other chickens went and hid and when the ducks and the leg horn stopped they slowly came back out but I really love that the ducks and chickens look out for each other and try and keep each other safe.

I made my corn free shampoo using: coconut milk, castile soap, apple cider vinegar, 5 drops tea tree and 5 drops lavender. it’s ok it lathers nice and it fizzes a little like a bath bomb but next time I think i’ll use different essential oils ( I don’t really like tea tree and lavender) but it cleaned my hair and conditioned it and i’m pretty sure I can stop using my deep conditioner since it just makes my hair oily now.

well I’m exhausted tomorrow I’ve had a long day I’m mixing more of my chicken feed mix and i’m securing part of my yard getting ready for my garden, goodnight

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