January 8th – Growing pains, and future plans for privacy

So on January 4th a code enforcement lady came and told me I had to get rid of all of my chickens, and ducks because someone complained of a smell but I free range my chickens so there isn’t a concentration of poop in order to create a smell, evenĀ  so I re-homed all but 3 hens and a chick. one is laying its a leghorn “Emma” (white with red comb and waffle) the other 2 have until march to start laying and if they aren’t then i’ll figure it out then.

the whole experience has been a complete nightmare. the first day felt like I was dumped in the ocean and sank to the dark dark bottom where i could never be saved. day two: I took the ducks to a friends house andĀ  I re-homed all but the ones i had except Emma, I re-homed her and didn’t realize how much she really meant to me, not just because she lays eggs with corn free feed but because she is just an awesome chicken, she eats out of my hand and comes right up to me when i’m sitting in the hammock outside, probably to get treats but she has made it so much easier its hard to imagine if she were still gone, she is the light in my darkness somehow and so i feel hopeful about the future because of this one chicken it’s truly amazing.

Day 3 and 4 have pretty much been cleaning up the back yard and making plans on how i’m going to make my backyard more private and how i’m going to grow all my own produce in my back yard so that I have more privacy from the city and my neighbors.

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