Missing those who we can’t see or hear anymore


Today was a very hard day for me.

My mom and I went to a court hearing regarding what will happen to the man who was involved in my brothers motorcycle accident that resulted in his passing on April 14th 2017. It was just the defendants attorney getting another continuation for another date, but it was hard for me to hold back my feelings of sadness and anger. I miss my brother more then I ever knew I would,  its still hard to believe he’s gone.

I’m still very sad, and angry that my brother is gone. I want to blame this man for what happened but its not really all his fault. Im not sure how to deal with how I feel. It feels like its gonna burn me alive some days.

I haven’t posted in a while, Ive been really angry, sad, and struggling to make it through this painful month and just couldn’t find my ability to blog while in such sorrow, but I’m going to try and and get back into this and blog weekly maybe more as this month passes. who knows how many years that april will be a painful month for me.

I hope everyone is doing ok and living well, laters


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