My corn alergy story.

My first memory of any hint of corn allergy was after i had been forced to get some sort of shot in my ankle at my dads house, I dont remember how old I was but the next morning they had me eat the cereal I always ate there that was basicly pure corn, and I remember it making my stomach feel like i had swallowed nails, I told my dad and he told me that it was normal for foods to make my stomach hurt and to just ignore it.. well I wish I hadn’t because up until last year because I thought it was “Normal” I was still eating corn and having problems with anemia, worse asthma, Geographic Tongue , hormone, weight, and fatigue issues, I also have a gene mutation mthfr C677T, but then one day last year my mom was really wanting my to eat something but at that point eating anything hurt like I was eating lava laced with razor blades, but I ate something anyways but it ended up hurting a little more then usual and she asked what was wrong and i told her it hurt to eat and that it always hurts to eat, she told me that isnt normal and that if food makes my stomach hurt find food that doesnt make my stomach hurt, i had already eliminated so many other foods that i started doing more research on ingredients in the things I was eating, what I was having the worst reactions to and I had eaten popcorn and that was just bad, when it was popping i had an asthma attack, and then used my inhaler and that made my lungs hurt and made bumps form on the roof of my mouth, then I was stupid and ate some which then my Geographic tongue flared up but my tongue swelled and that was the odd reaction. When it got to my stomach it hurt right away so that was one of my first hints and so i started experimenting with corn in my food and finding foods without corn. Finding foods without corn has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because of all of the derivatives hiding in everything, i think some of the first things i had that was corn free was a cereal that was safe and 100% grass fed milk and for the first time it didnt hurt to eat. It was amazing so I started looking at labels but not taking it that seriously. Until i got sick with a flu that really knocked me down. Ive had to get rid of every bit of corn in my place and my fiancee even has to cut out corn because if he sweats and it touches me I’m allergic to his sweat or any other bodily fluid so he’s slowly cutting out more corn, I’m really thankful to have him, and all the other supportive people in my life such as my aunt Starlene, my Mom, and the Corn allergy groups on facebook. I’m very lucky to have figured out my allergy, and its going to be extremely hard at first but I think it will get easier soon.

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